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Terms and Conditions T-shirt

When engaging with online software and resources it is common to be required to read and agree to "terms and conditions" and other legal material. Actually reading the enormous amounts of this material is completely impractical and, in any case, much of the language is incomprehensible unless you are trained in law. This is a part of our world that doesn't make any sense.

I began recording all of the terms and conditions I encounter in April 2016 to prove the impracticality of this part of our legal system. I don't intentionally seek out terms and conditions to add to this collections; I have come across all of these in my day-to-day life.

On this T-shirt a word cloud summarises the more-than-1,400,000 words of terms and conditions which have been encountered since recording began in April 2016. The larger a word, the more often it is repeated over the terms and conditions.

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