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NeomineOne t-shirt

NeomineOne is a fake "cryptocurrency" firm which claims that "Neopoint" - a virtual online currency from the children's website Neopets.com (which I played when I young) - is a cryptocurrency that can be mined like Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin.

The joke is Neopoint is not a reliable currency. Hyperinflation is a problem because everyone creates Neopoint out of thin air and there is no cap on the total Neopoints that can exist. There is no way to transfer Neopoint between people. There is no way to use it to purchase real goods. The administrators can delete your account at any time. Also, the website has changed hands a number of times, has lost most of its user base and is at risk of being shut down.

The algorithm that earns Neopoint for me is real - a realisation of a dream I had when I was a young and poor Neopets player. The numbers are the real Neopoints attached to my account. I built the program using a Github repository for automating Neopets.

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