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The World's Largest Huon Oil Company

Australian owned and operated since 2015

Largest Supplier

TasOil is the world's largest producer of huon oil and its derivatives. Pristine huon pine timber is sourced from Tasmania and undergoes processing in Victoria.

Largest Trader

TasOil is the largest single presence in the global huon pine market. We trade a greater volume of huon oil and huon oil derivatives than any other entity in the world.

Largest Holder

TasOil controls the largest known holdings of huon oil in the world. The TasOil huon oil reserve is held in a specially built, secure storage facility in a secret location.

What is huon oil?

Golden liquid from a golden wood.

  • Unique

    The huon pine, Lagostrobos franklinii, is a rare, long-lived species of tree unique to Tasmania's rainforests.

  • Prized

    The golden timber of the huon pine has long been prized for its fine grain, its strength, its resistance to rot and its enchanting aroma. The huon pine grows at a rate of one millimeter in diameter a year and individual trees may live beyond 2000 years of age.

  • Rare

    As a consequence of its slow growth, the huon pine is now protected from logging and is also not suitable for commercial cultivation. The only source of new huon pine is from ancient logs dredged from the beds of Tasmania's waterways.

  • Precious

    The unique aroma of this tree is captured in its oil, the same substance that confers the tree its amazing resistance to decay. This golden huon oil is a rare and valuable resource, a liquid memory of these living relics.


TasOil provides detailed records of their huon oil holdings for public scrutiny:

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