We are:

The world's largest Neopoint mining cluster

This is a Neopoint

The Neopoint is one of the oldest, most well-established cryptocurrencies in the world.

Neopets.com is a virtual world which was popular in the early 2000s. Aimed at children, the site allowed users to "adopt" virtual pets and explore a virtual world that offered games, repetitive tasks, and gambling.

Neopoints are earned through 'mining' - the use of computer and human power to solve arbitrary tasks on the Neopets.com servers. These take the form of browser-based tasks and games:

These tasks also include trading on a model stock market in which virtual companies' stock values fluctuate day to day:

The NeomineOne™ cluster runs 24 hours a day performing these tasks to mine neopoint. This is the largest dedicated Neopoint-mining cluster on the planet.

NeomineOne™ is built on the open source Neolib software library.